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Samsung Galaxy S10: review of Samsung flagship 2019

The anniversary generation of Samsung smartphones simply could not be a failure - you simply can’t make a mistakes during the presentation of the 10th generation of the flagship line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. At the event in San Francisco, Koreans scored a full ride by presenting several smartphones at once: Galaxy Fold - the world's first commercially bending smartphone, three phones from the Galaxy S10 family and one special version of Galaxy C10 with support for 5G networks. In general, the evening of February 20 turned out to be hot. Lets take a look at the base model of the newly-minted line - we will review the Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung Galaxy S10 - design For a while Samsung was on a lead of the market trying to grope their unique design. Only starting from Galaxy S6 their flagship smartphones began to show their own style, which is also recognizable from the recently introduced smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S10 is a trendless frameless smartphone that stands out from the crowd. Perhaps it stands out exactly as long as hard-working Chinese have not made copies, but at point of time the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is unique. What did they do? In principle, nothing special. The front panel of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a solid screen. The front camera was embedded in the Amoled-matrix, using the technology of infinity-O, the fingerprint scanner was hidden under it, the conversational speaker was transferred to the junction of the screen and the top face. Thus, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S10 occupies almost 90% of the front panel - simply beauty. An island of three cameras and a flash are located behind Samsung Galaxy S10, arranged in a horizontal line. Looks fresh, stylish, original. Slightly lower on the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S10 you can find the inscription "Samsung", unfortunately. The main body material is glass. Marked body, but not slippery. And you can use the Samsung Galaxy S10 with one hand - framelessness allows you to fit a 6.1 inch display in your palm. Samsung Galaxy S10 - screen Display Samsung Galaxy S10 is smartphone decoration. Together with the smartphone South Korean company introduced a new matrix - Dynamic Amoled. In addition to improved energy efficiency, it rid off  one old lack of all Amoled screens — excessive brightness. Display Samsung Galaxy S10 is able to "adapt" to their surroundings, choosing the best color profile, and giving a soft and natural picture. And these are not just a words - the difference is visible even in photos where there is a screen of Samsung Galaxy S10. If we are talking about the rest of the display characteristics, they are at the absolutely top level: resolution - QHD +, diagonal - 6.1 '', pixel density - 551 PPi, protective glass with oleophobic and anti-reflective coating, whose faces are rounded. Samsung Galaxy S10 - Performance Galaxy S10 is a powerful smartphone. This is indicated not only by the bare numbers, but also by the results of synthetic tests through which they have already managed to drive out the novelty. In the Antuta synthetic test Samsung Galaxy S10 scores 360,000 points, which automatically sends it to the list of the most powerful smartphones of today. Depending on the region, the Samsung Galaxy S10 can be sold with two processors on board: either the Exynos 9820 or the Snapdragon 855. Both chipsets are top solutions for their time. Helping the processor to cope with the tasks will be 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM. Under the built-in memory, the manufacturer allocated 128/512 GB. Unfortunately, the 256 GB version was not shown. Ability to expand memory using a memory card left: Samsung Galaxy S10 supports microSD up to 512 GB. Samsung Galaxy S10 - Camera If you count the cameras on the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10, then you will find four sensors there: three at the back and one at the front. On the back of the hero of our review is located that curious triple: Base Camera - 12 megapixel module with interchangeable f / 1.5-f / 2.4 aperture. Optional sensor - 12-megapixel module, which provides a two-fold optical zoom and the ability to create photos with a blurred background. The third module is a 16-megapixel sensor with an f / 2.2 aperture and a viewing angle of 123 °.   The front of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a 10-megapixel f / 1.9 aperture module that can record video in 4K resolution. Samsung Galaxy S10 - conclusions Samsung Galaxy S10 is indeed a cool smartphone. It has the features that a top-end smartphone should have: a stylish design, a large and frameless screen, advanced cameras and maximum performance. Of course, it is expensive, but for high technology has to pay serious money. Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications: Materials: glass + aluminum Dust and moisture protection: yes, IP68 Screen: 6.1 inches, matrix-Dynamic Amoled, resolution 1440х3040 pixels, protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Processor: eight-core Samsung Exynos 9820 Graphics: ARM Mali-G76 RAM: 6/8 GB, the frequency of operation - up to 2133 MHz ROM: 128/512 GB Antutu: 370,000 Main camera: 12 + 12 + 16 Mp Front camera: 10 + 8 megapixel Number of SIM slots: 2, Nano-SIM Memory card support: yes, nanoSD Bluetooth: 6.0 Unlock: Fingerprint scanner under the screen + Face Unlock NFC: have Dimensions: 70.4х149.9х7.8 mm Weight: 157 grams Battery: 3,400 mAh Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie + One UISubscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be the first to get notified with availability of this gadget.
February 22, 2019

Pixel 3 Lite - Google's affordable smartphone

Smartphones from Google will always have unspoken "respect" from all fans of high technology. They created Android - they make the best smartphones based on this operating system. It's all very logical, isn’t it? However, the latest generation of Googlephone haven’t impressed fans: the design is boring, technical progress is poorly noticeable and price has increased. Scratching a head Google decided to create a budget smartphone Pixel 3 Lite, which will be available in upcoming months. Are you wondering what Google’s engineers prepared? Then read this article until the end. Google Pixel 3 Lite: can China do better? From the name of Google Pixel 3 Lite it is clear that this is a lightweight version of the flagship and there can be no talk of any top-end hardware. Poor reviews on Google Pixel 3 made Google bosses launch Pixel simpler and cheaper. So what will Google save on? First of all Google Pixel 3 Lite will run on a mid-range processor performance. Snapdragon 670, the current technical solution from American company Qualcomm, is predicted for the lightweight pixelphone. This processor was announced in the late summer of 2018 and has not yet gained mass. Perhaps, Google Pixel 3 Lite will increase its popularity among smartphones. Snapdragon 670 - an eight-core chip, built on a 10-nm process technology. It is based on two Cortex A75 cores, overclocked to 2.0 GHz and six Cortex A55 cores operating at 1.7 GHz. The layout is modern, the load between the cores is divided intelligently. Snapdragon 670 is friends with artificial intelligence, since this processor is based on the Snapdragon Neural Processing SDK, Hexagon NN and Android NN API co-processors. Responsible for the processing speed is Adreno 615, a powerful video core capable of handling most modern games at medium graphics settings. Secondly, Google will save on the screen. If you believe to the rumors then Google Pixel 3 Lite will get a small (by modern standards) screen by 5.5 inches. Matrix type promised as IPS with FullHD resolution. It is clear that no illiteracy will not be chased - you can expect that the screen will cover at least 80% of the front panel, but not much more. How the cutout for the front camera will be decorated is a difficult question. Most likely, they will not make any cuts and will leave a standard strip. Thirdly, they will install cameras from the second generation of Pixels onboard Google Pixel 3 Lite. You shouldn’t dream of any double cameras and other fashionable chips: only hardcore and only a single sensor. We can recall that Google Pixel 2 had a main camera with 12MP resolution, f / 1.8 aperture, and an 8 MP module with f / 2.4 photosensitivity was used as the front one. And there is nothing to complain about. Google Pixel 2 can still beat all modern flagships. So the Google Pixel 3 Lite camera is a dignity rather than a disadvantage. With the main articles of the Google “savings” we figured out, lets move on to everything else. Like all previous generations of Google Pixel, Google’s new smartphone will support the wireless payment feature — NFC will not be lost. The fingerprint scanner will remain on the back. No one will carry it to the side panel or under the glass. Dust and waterproof in the Google Pixel 3 Lite we shouldn’t even wait for, to much to expect. As for autonomy smartphone will be equipped with a standard power battery at 2915 mAh. Fast charging supported. Google Pixel 3 Lite will work on the latest version of the Android operating system which will be relevant at the time of the release of the smartphone. “And when will Google show Pixel 3 Lite?”, You ask. It’s not long to wait: there is information on the network that the phone will be presented in May 2019 at the Google I / O conference. Estimated price - $ 500.Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be the first to get notified with availability of this gadget. Google Pixel 3 Lite Specifications: Case: metal + glass; Display: 5.5 "diagonal, FullHD + resolution, IPS matrix type, Gorilla Glass 5; Chipset: 10-nanometers, eight-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 - two Cortex-A75 cores and six Cortex-A55 cores with a maximum frequency of up to 2.2 GHz; Graphics chip: Adreno 615; RAM: 4GB type LPDDR4X; ROM: 32GB; Primary: 12MP, f / 1.8 aperture; Front camera: 8MP, f / 2.4 aperture; SIM: nano-SIM + nano-SIM (hybrid slot), Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS), LTE communication, 5G; Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB Type-C 3.0; Navigation: two-position GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou; OS: Android 9.0 Pie; Battery: 2915 mAh.
February 19, 2019

February Specialities

New February - absolutely frameless Honor Magic 2 and the best budget smartphone Redmi Note 7 Manufacturers of smartphones had a long run to provide users with these devices straight from the future. First, powerful processors went into action, then race began on the part of the cameras, then the case materials changed to premium ones, and in the end, the devices completely lost the framework, receiving screens across the entire front panel. The bitter struggle with the framework began because we live in an age of an endless stream of content filled with high-resolution graphic elements. Although transparent smartphones haven't realised yet, but the next concept in the form of bending smartphones is already actively promoted to the masses. Today we will talk about two cool frameless smartphones that are doomed to success - Honor Magic 2 and Redmi Note 7. Why they should become bestsellers we tried to understand in today's article. Honor Magic 2 - a magical flagship with a record number of cameras The race to reduce the frame in smartphones began in 2017 but it rich a pick in 2018. Last year that manufacturers reached the point where they could create absolutely frameless gadgets at the expense of some tricks: a slider form factor, a periscope front camera, a mono and a drop-shaped cut, a hole in the screen for a selfie camera. Honor Magic 2 is a mechanical slider thanks to which three front cameras managed to be placed on the secondary part of the smartphone. The entire front part of the device is represented by a widescreen 6.39-inch screen, made by OLED technology. An interesting feature of the screen is adjustment of resolution depending on the displayed content. In this way smartphone saves battery cause as you know the main consumer of energy in modern gadgets is the screen. Honor Magic 2 is a full-fledged flagship with a very productive iron. Kirin 980 with a powerful neural computing unit, 7-nanometer process technology, productive graphics, modern Cortex-A76 cores and much more allow the device to perfectly digest the Android system, complex tasks and resource-intensive games. There is also a lot of memory in the smartphone, because the basic version starts with a mark of 6/128 GB. In Honor Magic 2 there are really a lot of cameras - there are 6 of them, 3 on each side. The triple front photo module performs three functions at once (in addition to photographing) - this is blurring the background (bokeh), improving selfie and face recognition. As a result, the front camera is represented by the following modules: 16 MP with f / 2.0 + 2 MP with f / 2.4 + 2 MP with f / 2.4. The main camera of three modules (16 MP with f / 1.8 + 16 MP with f / 2.2 + 24 MP with f / 1.8 (monochrome)) offers the possibility of a regular photo, a photo with the bokeh effect, as well as wide-angle photos and black and white shots. We add here also the capabilities of artificial intelligence and we get a cool camera phone with almost unlimited possibilities. Lastly I would like highlight 3500 mAh rechargeable battery with support for fast charging with power up to 40 watts. From 0% to 50%  smartphone charges in 15 minutes, and up to 85% in 30 minutes - excellent performance, isn’t it? The fingerprint scanner is naturally under the screen and Honor Magic 2 has a favourite by many NFCs. Honor Magic 2 can be bought at an attractive price at our website for as low as $ 725 for the 8/128 GB version. Given the futuristic and innovative flagship, its powerful hardware and advanced cameras, you shouldn’t take more than minute to buy. Redmi Note 7 - the best budget smartphone with an incredible 48 MP camera Before the realise of this phone, there were a lot of different rumors about it some of which were confirmed and some were not. At the end we got a smart smartphone that can hardly be called a budget, if not its price. First of all Redmi Note 7 impressed with its appearance, since Xiaomi refused to use metal and made a glass device, fundamentally changing the design of the gadget. The frameless display with a drop-shaped notch put an end to it at all - here it is a budget smartphone of the future. Of the design changes worth noting the transition from outdated micro USB to a modern and convenient Type-C. The characteristics of the smartphone are also pleased because Xiaomi has supplied the smartphone with a powerful Snapdragon 660 processor, which can pull all modern games at high settings with excellent fps. Although the minimum amount of memory in a smartphone is 3/32 GB, you can get up to 6/64 GB in maximum, which is already a lot. However, the most important question is photo’s quality using 48 MP for this purpose. As it turned out, the device can really take pictures with the highest resolution and they differ in detail for the better compared to the pictures in 12 MP mode. Due to the cunning technology Super pixel and aperture f / 1.8 Redmi Note 7 shows the quality of photos on a level higher than the Redmi Note 5 and even Mi 8 Lite in poor and good lighting! The front camera also does not graze the rear and, at a resolution of 13 MP, gives detailed, high-quality selfies. In fact, Xiaomi managed to create a very cheap camera phone, which even subflagman’s devices plug into the belt. Of the minuses - there is no NFC, of ​​the pros - there is a 4000 mAh battery with support for Quick Charge 4.0 fast charging. You can pre-order a smartphone at a tasty price on this site - you will not regret buying it, we guarantee it! Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be the first to get notified with availability of this gadget.
February 12, 2019

New smartphones lime up from Samsung - Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30

Samsung is expanding to fight Chinese manufacturers in emerging markets. Samsung's world domination in the smartphone segment can be interrupted as early as 2019 - Huawei breathes in its back, whose positions are only growing stronger. The whole line of budget smartphones Galaxy M will correct the situation - three smartphones (M10, M20 and M30) will be presented on January 28 in India. Samsung's budget triple has a number of features that set it apart from other low-cost smartphones. Let's take a closer look at them. Samsung Galaxy M10 - small but remote Samsung Galaxy M10 specifications: Screen: 6.2 ", IPS with a resolution of 720x1520, 271 ppi, covered with 2.5D glass, occupies 81% Processor: six-core Exynos 7872, core speeds up to 2000 MHz, 14 NM process technology, 64-bit Video Core: ARM Mali-G71 RAM: 2/3 GB ROM: 16 / 32GB + memory card Antutu: 70,000 points Sim cards: 2 Main camera: 13MP, f / 1.9 aperture, + 5MP Selfie camera: 5MP with f / 2.4 aperture Fingerprint scanner: no USB: USB Type-C 2.0 NFC: no Battery: 3,400 mAh Dimensions: 75.6 x 155.6 x 7.7 mm Weight: 160 gr OS: Android 8.0 Oreo, Experience 9.0    Samsung Galaxy M10 - the basic model of the new line. The easiest smartphone series Samsung company has endowed with decent technical characteristics and decent design. All Galaxy M10 phones will be made in frameless design: front - drop-shaped notch, rear - dual cameras of vertical formation. On the press release photos, smartphones look very pretty. But not a single design Galaxy M10 will sell itself. The smart six-core processor of its own design will be responsible for the speed of the new product: Exynos 7872 gains 70,000 points in Antutu's synthetic performance test and can easily give odds to Qulcomm's budget solutions. It is also worth saying that the company's base smartphone will have support for a dual camera - this is a big plus. But the Samsung Galaxy M10 has not only advantages. Naturally, there are downsides. For example, there is no NFC and fingerprint scanner. The official cost of Galaxy M10 has not yet been reported, but it is expected that the device will not cost more than $ 150. Samsung Galaxy M20 - a budget smartphone with a powerful battery Samsung Galaxy M20 technical specifications: Screen: 6.13 ", IPS with a resolution of 1080x2280, 412 ppi, covered with 2.5D glass, takes 80% Processor: eight-core Exynos 7885, core speeds up to 2200 MHz, 14 NM process technology, 64-bit Video Core: ARM Mali-G71 RAM: 3 GB ROM: 32GB + memory card Antutu: 80,000 points Sim cards: 2 Main camera: 13MP, f / 1.7 aperture, + 5MP Selfie camera: 8MP with f / 2.2 aperture Fingerprint scanner: yes USB: USB Type-C 2.0 NFC: no Battery: 5,000 mAh Dimensions: 74.5 x 156.4 x 8.8 mm Weight: 177 gr OS: Android 8.1 Oreo, Experience 9.0    Samsung Galaxy M20 is a budget for those who prefer a middle ground. It is distinguished from the younger model by a higher-quality screen, the presence of a fingerprint scanner and pumped cameras with a battery. As you can see the list of changes is impressive. I would like to mention the powerful Samsung Galaxy M20 battery: Samsung company very rarely installs 5000 mAh batteries into their smartphones. The last time Samsung was so generous on mAh in 2016, when Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro was equipped with such a serious battery. Also worth noting camera Samsung Galaxy M20. The new product will use a bunch of 13 Mp and 5 Mp sensors with good photosensitivity, which should give good photo results. If Samsung does not bend the price of the Samsung Galaxy M20, then this smartphone will have every chance to become a bestseller. Samsung Galaxy M30 - good camera, powerful battery and big screen Samsung Galaxy M30 specifications: Screen: 6.38 ", IPS with a resolution of 1080x2280, 395 ppi, covered with 2.5D glass, takes 85% Processor: eight-core Exynos 7885, core speeds up to 2200 MHz, 14 NM process technology, 64-bit Video Core: ARM Mali-G71 RAM: 4 GB ROM: 64GB + memory card Antutu: 90,000 points Sim cards: 2 Main camera: 13MP, f / 1.7 aperture, + 5MP Selfie camera: 16MP with f / 2.0 aperture Fingerprint scanner: yes USB: USB Type-C 2.0 NFC: no Battery: 5,000 mAh Dimensions: 75.1 x 159 x 8.4 mm Weight: 181 gr OS: Android 8.1 Oreo, Experience 9.0   Samsung Galaxy M30 - Samsung's top state employee. If the Samsung Galaxy M20 from the Samsung Galaxy M10 had a lot of differences, then the Samsung Galaxy M30 was not far from the M20. The older model of the ruler received a fairly large screen at 6.38 inches. Also, the Samsung Galaxy M30 display matrix will occupy more usable space on the front panel - 85%. This means that the Galaxy M30 will be more “frameless” than the rest of its family. The processor will remain the same - the Exynos 7885 with the eight-core. And this chip should not upset potential buyers. Exynos 7885 paired with 4 GB of RAM memory type LPDDR4 Samsung Galaxy.Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be the first to get notified with availability of this gadget.
February 07, 2019

Sony Xperia XZ4 - the most powerful flagship in the world

The last few years Sony, despite the big name, for some reason, trail far behind The flagships of the company, who possess exclusive branded camera sensors, are still somehow well known, but all the other brand devices are so uninteresting that few people remember them. However, the former greatness of the company in the field of smartphone construction does not give it the right to languish in the technological development gallery, so 2019 will change everything. Sony is preparing a new unusual flagship Xperia XZ4 with an incredible display, with an aspect ratio of 21: 9. Today's maximum and standard is 19.5: 9, which means the Sony flagship will be even more extended. Naturally, the gadget will get the minimum possible frame, as well as a triple camera and the most powerful processor - let's talk about that now. Sony Xperia XZ4 - performance giant with widescreen 21: 9 screen You can already find some renderings of the smartphone online which are based on various leaks. The fact that the device will become a champion among all devices with widescreen displays is a proven fact. The display diagonal should be as much as 6.55 inches with a resolution, most likely 4K. The OLED solution will act as a matrix due big energy consumption with high resolution and IPS diagonal. Smartphone will not get rid of fully from the framework, but they will become almost imperceptible, especially in comparison with the previous Sony full-screen devices. Only at the top of the display the indentation will be no more than 5 mm and at the bottom of that millimeter 3. This will allow the Sony Xperia XZ4 to easily accommodate all sensors on the front panel without the need to cut a screen like an iPhone X. The core of the gadget will be the Snapdragon 855 processor. Although the chipset is very, very fresh, we know everything about its power, because a couple of gadgets have already been released on its base. So Lenovo Z5 Pro recently set a record in the Antutu synthetic tester, giving out about 370,000 points, leaving behind the former leaders in the face of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. But Lenovo's leadership did not last long - the Xperia XZ4 was tested at Antutu and scored almost 400,000 points. This is simply an incredible result, and truthful, as in GeekBench Xperia XZ4 also showed a new world record. In the single-core mode, the flagship scored about 3,500 points, which is less than the last iPhone Xs, but in a multi-core device, it overstepped the mark of 12,000 points - no one has yet shown similar numbers. At the same time, the smartphone has only 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of permanent memory - that is, the whole thing is in excellent optimization of the operating system for Snapdragon 855.   Sony has quite an interesting situation with cameras. The brand personally produces photomatrixes and supplies competitors with them, and they in turn storm the top of the best camera phones according to DxOMark. But for some reason, Sony's flagships are still not recognized as one of the best camera phones, which is strange. Nevertheless, in this regard, Xperia XZ4 should interrupt the chain of failures, as it will acquire the best sensors and in the amount of three pieces. So far, the company does not disclose details about which photomodules the new product will receive, but Xperia XZ4 will somehow take one of the leading places in the list of the best photo flags in 2019.   Previously problem of Sony smartphones was autonomy and small batteries were to blame. Despite the impressive dimensions of the devices, for some reason the company did not install high-capacity batteries in gadgets. Now the problem will disappear, because the Xperia XZ4 will be equipped with a capacious 3900 mAh battery. Moreover, the device will receive support for ultra-fast charging capacity up to 46.5 watts, thereby overtaking almost all competitors. Therefore, taking into account all the above, this year we will be able to see a truly advanced flagship from Sony, which will be free from flaws. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be the first to get notified with availability of this gadget.
February 07, 2019

 Huawei Nova 4 - smartphone from the future

Modern devices for communication with world which also known as smartphones have moved so far away from their ancestors that they even wonder how much mobile gadgets have evolved. Modern smartphones do not really have physical keys (except for the most necessary ones), their screens even have no frames. As a result, we have truckload of frameless devices, which are simply a screen without unnecessary details. If at the beginning of last year manufacturers still left at least some frames around the screens or provided devices with cutouts, where important sensors were placed, now its simply tales of the past. From now on in the world of mobile technology full-screen devices are gaining popularity with small openings in the display, where the front-facing camera is located. Yes, the future has come and one such futuristic gadget will be discussed today - we meet Huawei Nova 4. Huawei Nova 4 - absolutely frameless flagship with unsurpassed design Despite the fact that the Nova device line is not leading for Huawei, cause all the latest developments usually introduced in Huawei P and Mate series, sometimes company deviates from the rules. So it happened with Huawei Nova 4, which was the first of all devices of the brand to try on a new full-screen design with a hole for the front camera. Due to this, useful area of ​​the display is close to the record - as much as 92%. This is a lot, although there is still a small indent at the bottom of the screen in Nova 4 and this is due to the location of the display cable in that place. The case of the gadget offers modern materials, metal and tempered glass, and all the colors of the case have a pleasant gradient. The Nova 4 screen is a smart 6.4-inch IPS LTPS-matrix with rich colors and a high resolution of 2310 × 1080 pixels. Thank to it useful area of ​​the display is very high, such a large screen turned out to fit in the dimensions of 5.5 inch smartphones with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. The top 10-nanometer Kirin 970 chipset, which is also used in the flagship Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, is responsible for the operation of the device. In Antutu, he is gaining more than 270,000 points, which means it’s not worth worrying about the smoothness of the Android system or heavy toys. In addition, the powerful processor is also supplemented with 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB constant - this set of memory is valid for the most advanced modification of the smartphone. The camera Huawei Nova 4 deserves special attention - it is triple. The main camera consists of an advanced Sony MP IMX586 sensor of 48 MP with a f / 1.8 aperture, 16 MP of a wide-angle photo module with a f / 2.2 aperture and 2 MP of a photo module with f / 2.4 responsible for measuring the depth of the photo (used for portrait photos). It is important that 48 MP in the dark turn into 12 MP with very large pixels, 1.6 microns in size - this provides an unsurpassed photo quality, which is also improved by artificial intelligence algorithms. The front camera of Huawei Nova 4 is also at an altitude - a resolution of 25 MP with an f / 2.0 aperture for high-quality selfies. Huawei Nova 4 also boasts excellent autonomy, as the battery capacity is 3750 mAh. For charging, the Type-C port is used, plus Huawei Super Charge is supported by fast charging up to 18 watts. At the same time, Huawei does not require a lot of money for Nova 4, but the exact cost of the gadget will appear on our website very soon. At the moment, you can pre-order a smartphone.Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be notified with latest launch and promotions. 
February 07, 2019

Review Redmi Note 7: you will want to buy this smartphone

This new year Xiaomi started aggressively by dividing smartphone division into two large branches - Mi and Redmi. After reading this news on January 3 we might have thought that these were only plans, but it turned out otherwise. Already on January 10 the manufacturer introduced the first smartphone of the Redmi subbrand - Redmi Note 7. Looking ahead to say that Xiaomi managed to make a very good smartphone which will most likely sells a million pieces in 2019. Redmi Note 7 design and screen If Redmi Note 7 was released before Xiaomi Mi Play then the design could be considered a new. However, new Redmi came out later so the appearance of the first independent Redmi can be called mediocre. Of course the design of the smartphone is youth: a streamlined shape, glass panels on both sides, gradient shading and a protruding double camera. But you should not sing the undeserved praises of the smartphone - its design is quite ordinary. Redmi Note 7 has three main colors: black, red and blue. Due to the large 6.3 inch screen dimensions of the device are quite impressive - 75.21 x 159.21 x 8.1. So not everyone can handle the Redmi Note 7 with one hand. By the way, speaking of the screen. Xiaomi didnt save on it by installing an LTPS panel with a resolution of 2340x1080 in the newly-made smartphone. The pixel density is 409 PPi. Even without seeing the smartphone, we can say that the Chinese company will not have to blush over the Redmi Note 7 display. Redmi Note 7 performance The smartphone got Snapdragon 660 processor. The chipset belongs to the middle class of processors of the American manufacturer. The processor was introduced at the end of 2017, but still remains relevant. Need some proofs? For example, Samsung recently showed its sub-flagship on this processor. We are talking about the Galaxy A9s which costs $500. The processor consists of eight Kryo 260 and 280 cores. The cores are divided into two clusters: four Kryo 260 cores that operate at 1.8 GHz, and four high-performance Kryo 280 cores with a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. The processor itself is built on a 14-nm process technology. For graphics in the smartphone is responsible video core Adreno 512. As of RAM Xiomi allocated 3/4/6 GB of RAM type LPDDR4. In Anthut's synthetic test Redmi Note 7 will score under 150,000 points which considered as a very decent result. With all modern tasks smartphone will cope at least two years. Redmi note 7 camera Usually budget Xaiomi smartphones are equipped with average cameras but it looks like Redmi Note 7 changes the rules of the game. On the back of the smartphone are two cameras - 48 megapixels and 5 megapixels. Yes, yes, it did not seem to you: the resolution of the main camera of Redmi Note 7 is 48 megapixels. Xiaomi borrowed a camera from Samsung. The ISOCELL Bright GM1 sensor is capable of delivering high quality images in virtually any environment. Also, there is an artificial intelligence which will improve images at the post-processing stage and will come to the aid of the optical power of the sensors. The front camera Redmi Note 7 received a resolution of 13 megapixels. Redmi Note 7 price and release date The official start of sales of the smartphone is scheduled for January 15. And we will try our best to make sure we have it at our store right after it. There is no doubt that the first weeks of Redmi Note 7 will be in short supply, so make sure you drop us an pre-order request via our website.  Expected variation and prices of Redmi Note 7: $ 150 - 3/32 GB $ 180 - 4/64 GB, $ 210 - 6/64 GB  Subscribe to our newsletters and be notified with latest launch and promotions.  Redmi Note 7 full smartphone specifications: Body: metal + glass Colors: blue, black, red Display: 6.3 ", LTPS with a resolution of 1080x2340, 409 ppi, covered with 2.5D glass, takes 82% Chip: eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, core speeds up to 2200 MHz, 14 NM process technology, 64-bit Video Core: Adreno 512 RAM: 3/4/6 GB ROM: 32 / 64GB + memory card Antutu: 140,000 points Sim cards: 2 Main camera: 48MP, f / 1.8 aperture, Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 + 5Mp Selfie camera: 13MP with f / 2.2 aperture, Face Unlock Fingerprint scanner: yes USB: Type-C 2.0 NFC: no Battery: 4000 mAh Dimensions: 75.21 x 159.21 x 8.1 mm Weight: 186 g OS: Android 8.1 Ore, MIUI V10Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be the first to get notified with availability of this gadget.
February 07, 2019

The most anticipated smartphones in 2019

2019 just started and promise to be very fruitful and interesting. The world of technology has prepared for us many surprises that it will present to us in new smartphones. 5G-connection, even more frameless, more RAM, as well as bold concepts - all this and more we will see this year. Let's dip into the future and together take a quick look at the most anticipated smartphones in 2019. Lenovo Z5 Pro GT - a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM on Snapdragon 855 Lenovo managed to surprise us in 2019: they have already announced a  855 Snapdragon smartphone and 12 GB of RAM. They even launched it into mass production, so you can already find online many videos with brief reviews of Lenovo Z5 Pro GT. New phone developed on the basis of Lenovo Z5 Pro. The slider on the Snapdragon 710 was turned into a real monster, replacing the mediocre processor with the top Snapdragon 855 and adding 4 GB to current 8 GB of RAM. Thus, Lenovo Z5 Pro GT became the world's first smartphone on the Snapdragon 855. Lenovo Z5 Pro GT is a huge frameless slider with a Super Amoled screen at 6.4 inches. Among other things, it has two double cameras: in front - 16 + 8 Mp, behind - 24 + 16 Mp. It may look like there is nothing outstanding in the specs of Lenovo Z5 Pro GT other than a powerful processor… But price! For the younger modification of Lenovo Z5 Pro GT you will be asked to pay only $ 400 and this is a real challenge to the market. Do you think Lenovo will succeed in returning to the “big” game? The smartphone will go on sale in January 2019 so lets see! Samsung Galaxy S10 - Korean Answer for iPhone XS Since 2017 Samsung’s flagship series has not been changed much: we have seen improved performance somehow or improved design somewhere, but there wasn’t any major changes. 2019 promise to be different. Even as we speak there are a lot of rumours around Samsung Galaxy S10 family. First of all be prepared to see not two smartphones, as was usual, but three at once: Samsung Galaxy S10 - the basic version of the flagship, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - a modification with an enlarged display and Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite - a lightweight model. There is also an information that in a few months after the  official launch we might expect the 5G-modification of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Secondly, top specs will be inside the gadgets: eight-core Snapdragon 855 and Samsung Exynos 9820. Last but not least, all smartphones of the series (except Light) will get an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and keep the 3.5 mm connector, so that audiophiles can sleep with a calm mind. Naturally, this is not all the features and features of the generation of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Surely the South Korean tech giant has a lot of interesting things in store, but we will know about it only in the spring of 2019. Nokia 10 - the first smartphone with 5 camera modules Initially Nokia started rather cheerfully but looking backwards to 2018 we didn’t see a single entertaining smartphone from the updated company - only passing middle ones. Without a bright flagship company has no future. Therefore, in 2019 Nokia simply must have a top-end smartphone. And we think that most likely it will be Nokia 10 - a camera phone with 5 sensors on the back surface. Rumors about the smartphone is going around for a long time so most of the technical specification of Nokia 10 is known. The five-chamber module will consist of a single 48 megapixel sensor, a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens for dual and triple optical zoom, as well as a sensor for creating a boke effect. The purpose of the fifth sensor is still a mystery to us. The rest has a standard filling for the flagship 2019: 6 GB of RAM, Snapdragon processor 855, a large 2K-display and a powerful battery. Nokia 10 should appear in the first half of 2019. We are looking forward! Meizu 16s / 17 - in pursuit of the past greatness For the last two years Chinese Apple is rapidly losing ground under the pressure of Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo and the rest. Focusing on the same design and MediaTek processor played a cruel joke with the company: sales figures plummeted throughout 2018. A bright spot was Meizu 16 which well accepted by the audience and is considered to be the best smartphone of the company. Naturally, the they want to consolidate the success and in the first quarter of 2019 they will release Meizu 16s / 17 - the new flagship from Meizu. The smartphone will get a bold design with a "hole" under the front camera. This means that the screen Meizu 16s / 17 will take up even more space and the framework will become even thinner. Another camera will appear on the back side, which will make a Meizu 16s / 17 smartphone with three main camera modules. They say it will be a 48 megapixel sensor from Sony. The speed of the Meizu 16s / 17 will be assure by Snapdragon 855. Smartphone will be released in several versions, so we can definitely looking forward for the Meizu 16s / 17 Lite with reduced RAM and Meizu 16s / 17 Plus with an increased display and battery. Estimated cost of the basic version of Meizu 16s / 17 - $ 500.Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on FB and be assure we will inform you as soon as product released. 
February 07, 2019

Honor V20 - Infinity-O screen, 48 megapixel and Kirin 980 all in one

Honor V20 - frameless flagship with an Infinity-O screen, 48 megapixel camera from Sony and a Kirin 980 processor The market of mobile gadgets is developing very fast: every year power is increased, cameras are improved, power consumption is reduced, appearance is improved. Since many smartphones are evaluated primarily by appearance, in recent years, companies have begun to pay the most attention to this aspect. Two years ago the frame reduction race began which presented us with pretty devices with full-screen design. As a result, we saw smartphones with thin frames at the top and bottom, devices with bangs, sliders, and also devices with teardrop-shaped cutouts. Nevertheless, designers of leading brands decided not to stop at this, because they want to surprise further. So there was an idea with a hole in the screen under the front camera, which would solve all the problems with frameless smartphones. No sooner said than done! Honor introduced model Honor V20 with a hole in the screen under the selfie camera. But not only the total framelessness can boast the device, since it was also equipped with a 48 MP camera, a powerful liquid-cooled processor and other interesting features. Honor V20 - the world's first classic flagship monoblock with a fully frameless display Honor V20 is not the first smartphone with a hole in the screen, but it is the first flagship with similar technology. Recently, Samsung introduced the Galaxy A8s with a hole in the display under the front camera, but Korean gadget is subflagman and besides Galaxy A8s has this hole the most - 6.5 mm in diameter versus 4.5 mm in the Honor V20. Honor V20 is equipped with a large 6.4-inch display with a resolution of Full HD +, and aspect ratio is 19: 9. The smartphone is made entirely of tempered glass with a metal frame. The fingerprint scanner at the smartphone is not subscreen, but classic, located on the back cover. The heart of the device is the most powerful chipset Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 980 with a graphics subsystem Mali-G76. Available Honor V20 has the power of a double-neural computing unit, as well as 6/8 GB of RAM in conjunction with 128/256 GB ROM. Despite the energy efficiency of the chipset and its low operating temperatures, Honor decided to add a liquid cooling system so that in demanding games with long gaming there was no hint of throttling or overheating. The novelty is very interesting in terms of photo capabilities, since the Honor V20 turned out to be the world's first 48 megapixel smartphone from Sony with IMX586 sensor. The aperture of the lens is f / 1.8 and pixel size ranges from 0.8 μm to 1.6 μm. With good lighting entire 48 Mp (0.8 µm) will be fully utilized, but in case of insufficient light, technology of combining 4 in 1 pixels will lowers the resolution up to 12 Mp (1.6 µm). Also there is AI HDR for high-quality photos support. In addition, the main camera is supplemented with a 3D ToF stereo lens to create volumetric realistic models and the performance of the AR augmented reality. A 25 megapixel sensor with f / 2.0 aperture is used as a selfie camera. For the autonomy of the smartphone meets the 4000 mAh battery with the ability to fast charge, the power of which reaches 22.5 watts. For charging, use the Type-C port. In addition, the Honor V20 out of the box runs on the Android 9 Pie OS with the Magic UI 2.0.1 shell. Honor V20 features list Display: 6.4 inches, 2310x1080 pixels, 382 ppi density, IPS matrix; Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 980, 8 cores (Cortex-A76 + Cortex-A55) with a maximum frequency of 2.6 GHz, 7-nm process technology, Mali-G76 GPU video accelerator with GPU Turbo 2.0 technology; RAM: from 6 to 8 GB; Built-in memory: from 128 to 256 GB; Main camera: Sony IMX586 at 48 megapixel (f / 1.8), pixel size 0.8 micron + 3D TOF sensor; Selfie camera: 25 megapixel with f / 2.0; Communication: 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS; Security: fingerprint scanner; Battery: 4000 mAh + fast charging at 22.5 W; Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie + Magic UI 2.0.1; Dimensions: 156.9x75.4x8.1 mm. Honor V20 - release date and cost of the flagship The smartphone will be available in several color options for the case: gradient black, gradient red and blue. The base model with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of constant cost $ 435, and version 8/256 GB - $ 579. In China, the model will go on sale January 22, 2019. On the same day, the international presentation of the Honor V20 will take place, after which the smartphone will be sold outside of the Middle Kingdom.
January 04, 2019

Huawei Honor 8X - almost perfect affordable smartphone

Smartphones of the middle and pre-top segment have advanced by a lot to the extend that you can be easily mixed up with flagships that cost a lot of money. Premium body materials, modern design, edge-to-edge display with minimal frames, powerful processor and advanced cameras are not a description of modern flagships, but a real picture of sub-flags. The boundaries between the classes of devices are blurred, becoming less noticeable which is good news for user like you and me. Thanks to this, we can get a really advanced gadget at a very competitive price without feeling limited in one way or another. One of these affordable smartphones, which can be easily mistaken for an expensive top-end machine, is Honor 8X model from a subsidiary of Huawei. Beautiful and powerful, with an advanced camera, a large battery and NFC module - almost ideal, don’t you agree? So if there is no obvious difference with higher category devices, why would you pay more? Honor 8X – indeed one of the best smartphones in 2018 Over and over again you can find Honor 8X listed in the Top Best mobile devices of 2018. This device actually deserved the title of the best, since it almost perfectly complied with two fundamental criteria - price and quality. Cost as low as $230 is perfectly combined with a beautiful glass case, productive filling and good cameras. It is no secret that many Xiaomi devices can offer this, but the presence of the NFC module in the Honor 8X at the time interrupts all its trump cards. After all, the smartphone has no obvious drawbacks and you can only complain about the micro USB port, which is outdated and is actively being replaced by many already with Type-C. But this is the lesser of two evils, so buyers choose a less convenient wire connection for charging or synchronization rather than depriving themselves of the pleasure of contactless payments. If you suddenly thought that we were praising the gadget too much and in reality it was not, then let's go through all the advantages of the device in more detail: Design and materials of the case. Now in the world of mobile technology smartphone body’s made of tempered glass and a metal frame are considered fashionable. Due to this, the devices look expensive, presentable, stylish and interesting, because many people also use the effect of color gradation; The frameless screen with a mono-brow. Despite the fact that many people complain that there is a cutout in the screen of the type of iPhone X in modern gadgets, the reality is quite different. Buyers prefer monobrow smartphones and this is understandable since always iPhone-like gadgets are the trend. By the way, the monobrow from the Honor 8X is small and not very striking, especially on the 6.5 inch screen; Powerful processor. Productive stuffing is not only points in Antutu or smoothness in heavy games. Modern processors are closely connected with all components of smartphones in the sense that without the available power you cannot achieve high quality photos and videos, do not get high autonomy or sound quality. HiSilicon Kirin 710 is a Snapdragon 660 chipset that can cover almost all the needs of the modern user; Advanced cameras. The Honor 8X is not a top-end camera phone as neither status nor price are allow it to happen. But at the same time its dual camera at 20 + 2 MP with high-aperture optics f / 1.8 is capable of much. Good photos with a lack of light, high-quality portrait shots, as well as excellent selfie due to the 16 megapixel front camera; Capacious battery. There are many attractive devices that are ideal in everything except autonomy. 3000 - 3300 mAh spoil all the positive emotions about these smartphones, but Honor 8X offers a solid 3750 mAh with fast charging function. Optimized OS, energy-efficient chipset, high battery capacity - we get a solid autonomy; Low cost and NFC. Affordable price tag - one of the most important criteria for success. The presence of NFC is the very bonus that is often absent in very attractive smartphones of other brands. We hope that you made sure that the Honor 8X is not just a smart phone that Huawei is trying to sell at any price, but a device that deserves attention. Of course, there are some minor flaws in the apparatus, but no one is perfect, right? The main thing is that the advantages of the Honor 8X are much more than the shortcomings.
January 02, 2019

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