Feiyu SPG C

Thương hiệu: FEIYU

Mã sản phẩm: E02FBWZ4QC

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Est Ship: Mar 04 - Mar 06

※ Estimated order processing 5 working days


Thông số

Nội dung

*Allow video shooting in all directions

*3 Operating Modes:panning, panning and tilting mode, and lack mode

*Support APP and bluetooth rem.control

*Firmware upgradeable

*Joystick give the ability to adjust the angle of shooting right at your finger tip

*Battery single: 26650

Product Weight:0.9kg

Package Weight:1.13kg

Product Size:25*18.5*5cm

Package Size:26*19.5*6cm

Accessories Type: Leveling base

Compatible with:55-80cm width screen smartphones

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