(Phụ kiện) Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Book Cover Keyboard Grey

Thương hiệu: SAMSUNG

Mã sản phẩm: E0L3U0AZJZ

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Est Ship: Jan 31 - Feb 04

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Nội dung

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 just found its new best friend: the Samsung DeX keyboard book cover. This keyboard cover works intuitively with your Tab S6, even launching Samsung DeX when you place your tablet on the keyboard's POGO pin. Plus, the embedded holder makes it easier than ever to take your Tab S6 on the go.

Fits and intuitively communicates with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung DeX launches when your Galaxy Tab S6 is placed on a POGO pin on the keyboard, letting you switch between devices seamlessly

Can be connected to a mouse and monitor for an even more desktop-like experience

Embedded holder for carrying makes it easy to work anywhere

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