(Phụ kiện) Huawei 15W Quick Charge Wireless Charger White (With Adaptor)

Thương hiệu: HUAWEI

Mã sản phẩm: E0GQSISVGU

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Nội dung

Drop & Charge

Farewell to the limitations of traditional wired charging,and embrace the convenience & elegance of wireless charging.

15W (Max) Quick Wireless Charge

HUAWEI’s self-developed 15W (Max) quick wireless charge technology & allows you to enjoy wired charging speed, wirelessly.

Universal Compatibility

Qi standard, identifies smartphones, earbuds & other devices intelligently and adjusts its output power automatically** to charge them safely.

Case Compatibility

No need to remove your phone cases. Conveniently charges through

Foreign Object Detection

Automatically power off when detecting keys, coins & other metal objects,or control the temperature of ID / travel cards
and other metal-containing items at a safe range to avoid overheating.

Comprehensive Safety Protection

Built-in chip that can adjust the output power automatically according to the ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage.

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