(ĐIỆN THOẠI) Blackview BV9000 Dual Sim 64GB Silver

Thương hiệu: BLACKVIEW

Mã sản phẩm: E0BYJ0FVQK

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Nội dung

The World’s First Rugged Phone With an 18:9 Full Screen

The sophisticated structure is designed and adapted to a wide operating 18:9 display, regardless of wether you are in any.

Use changed, look bright and vivid , clear and sharp. High contrast , pixel accurate color presentation, is on the screen everything is pleasing to the eyes, deep in your heart.

Larger Screen, Wider Vision

White ensuring comfortable grip, BV 9000 is more amazingly integrated. The screen area is larger, the immersion effect is better overall screen. The display ratio 18:9 allows you to see a richer scene on the screen. So wether it is movie or game, you will be attracted to BV9000’s immersive screen effects.

Powerful Helio P25, Extraordinary performance

Adopt more advanced, the Helio P25 processor in the process can improve the performance of the Helio under the same power consumption. At the same performance, the power consumption is reduced 50% achieve a better balance between performance and power consumption, continuously output powerful power.

Dual Cameras, Perfect Images

This time BV9000’s camera phone has a new video innovation. The BV9000 series has the top 8million HD pixels and the post dual 13million /5million pixels, bringing users a clearer photo experience and more beautiful and natural protrait model. A Smoother, more realistic double zoom.

4GB+64GB Run Fast, Store More

MTK6757CD processor, strong performance , fully support the operation of large games mobile phone response agile, smooth fingerprint, 4GB+64GB large memory for the game scene for multi-directional exclusive performance optimization, the experience of the game upgrade feeling.

IP68 Water Proof, Dual-Proof and Shock- Proof

IP68-3 protects against BV9000 with three features, in all kinds of complex and abominable. You can handle it well in your environment.

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