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Mã sản phẩm: E0TXCLJUZH

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Nội dung

Actxa Swift+

The only fitness partner you need, the Swift+ offers all that the Swift does, plus more. It keeps you socially connected, notifying you when your receive a call (with CallerID shown on the screen), text message or email.

We understand how delicate the balance between work, life and fitness can be, and we designed the Swift+ to help you do just that.

Same But Different, And More

Doubling as a personal social and lifestyle buddy, you can also customise the Actxa Swift+ to set reminders while on silent alarm mode, customise the type of notifications you wish to receive when emails, SMS or messages come in, or fix personal goals to increase motivation levels. With the belief that exercise contributes to better slumber, Actxa has also built-in intuitive features to monitor sleep patterns so you wake up fresh each day. The Swift+ is water-resistant of up to a metre, you can run in the rain, dip in the pool and train for water races; you won’t lose your data.

Actxa App Track Your Life

Chart your progress and set personal goals to stay motivated. With the Actxa App, you can personalise your profile, sync your daily stats, update your weight and monitor your sleep patterns with a simple tap of a button.

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